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Test rencontre tee shirt de puta madre

test rencontre tee shirt de puta madre

interview de Federico Vitetta qui a pas mal aidé à la récolte de footage en HD! So its hard to keep up your motivation sometimes. Mandatory YouTube question: Did it kill the video star?

Its great seeing them annihilate sh-t, instead of these clones who are switch heelflipping down ten, switch heelflipping down fifteen its been done. People always say, Oh, you spent how much on this video? So they just tell you what the title is, then you go film the video? Stereo definitely made a cool statement back then. I had a rough edit about a year ago, and we were debating putting it out but felt that it just wasnt there yet. Thats the first thing you wanna do: Figure out what everybody wants to skate. So you start thinking, What is it about filmer boards? I got an extra Pansonic HD camera, so I helped show him the ropes with.

Marc, whos had about seventeen video partshes probably thinking, How many times can I keep doing this? HD doesnt look like video and it doesnt look like filmit almost looks like its own medium. La source de cette interview est. If theres ever been a re-occurring criticism of your work, its been your choice of music. Skateboarders and corporate sponsors have always been strange bedfellows. But now you can cut peoples heads off really easily. This is definitely the most eclectic group of skaters Ive ever worked with. It all boils down to promoting companies alsoit helps sell products in more ways than one. How did this budget compare to, say, Yeah Right! Koston left éS for Lakai rather late in the game.

How did that affect his part? Or do people think the soft wheels look good? But if you think about it, the guys on the trip get photos for their articles and for their ads and are seen by the kids. Marcs been skating a bit differently. But two years later, Guyand Ericare on the same level. The Daryl Angel HD experiment I did on Skate Fairy is a good example of that, but the problem is how can money be made from it? Whats your response to that? But for some reason, lakai gets all the questions.

How can I keep topping myself? They may be bummed at the spot, but one of the fifteen guys is actually getting something good. Transworld skateboarding et plus particuliérement Carleton Curtis, encore merci! At home.A. It was all about flying around. So I started really pushing him on it, like, No, I really think you should have a part. Well, thats one of the reasons why this video has taken so long. There are so many different guys on the team and everybody just does their own thingits hard to corral everyone, you know? Maybe we can do Lakai Or Die next.


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Its the same concept of shooting 16mm, but you have a different workflow getting it into your editing system. I think people are right. So you have to sacrifice that time for everyone to get stuff. The flare is the little logo on the side of the shoe, like the Swoosh. Cairo s house or, pappalardo s and finishing out everyones part.

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Test rencontre tee shirt de puta madre

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And whos that kid on Creature? Dylan Rieder is test rencontre tee shirt de puta madre awesome. But I think its cool to use different music. When we filmed the, hot Chocolate video, we filmed the interviews in standard-def 24p camera, which is the DVX-100. He thought it was crazy, like he couldnt go up against all these guys. They should. You know whats funny? On the weekends, I invite everybody over to my house and we just jump in the van and.